19273706Author Jerry S. Drake was new to me when I picked up SIERRA SKULLDUGGERY, the sequel to
THE GUNFIGHTER’S APPRENTICE. I was quite pleased with the book and easily got into it without having read the first.

it’s the story of former lawman Tom Patterson and his wife Betty after they settle in California and go into the freight business.

Early forties, good with a gun, and with a bit of a reputation, Patterson gets a job offer he turns down. He doesn’t hire his gun out to kill people. The man then tells him they have Betty and will kill her unless he does the job.

But Betty’s no shrinking violet and gets the drop on the four men come after her and has them arrested. Tom gts home to learn of it and, but for a lazy lawman who lets the quartet talk their way out of jail, might have found out who and what they wanted from him.

A determined man, Patterson sets out to find the unknown victim to warn him and runs into a mess that takes the both of them into more trouble.

Quite enjoyed this one and will certainly track down the first volume. Can be ordered here.