1: Sierra Skullduggery(ARC) – Jerry S. Drake: Retired lawman Tom Patterson, now in the freight business with his wife Betty, is offered a job using his gun. He refuses and then iss threatened with his wife’s life(they claim to have her). There’s more to Betty though and Patterson ets out to find and warn his potential victim of the plot on his life. And rubs into a mess.

2: Glorius(ARC) – Jeff Duinn: Cash McClendon is running from someone, headed toward the love of his life in the small mining town of Glorius. We get his back story in pieces as the story moves along.

and the ebooks: thrillers all, offered free. They look good and expect to get to them soon.

3: Alive and Killing – Jeff Carson: a David wolf novel

4: Crime Czar – Tony Dunbar

5: Torch Ginger – Toby Neal: a Lei crime novel

6: Deadly Intruder – Anne Kelsey

7: Plaster City – Johnny Shaw: a Jimmy Veeder fiasco. Really liked the first novel in the series.

8: As The Crow Flies – Damien Boyd: a DI Nick Dixon crime novel

9: Murder For Greenhorns – Robert Kresge: a western.