230px-BalaOneGOD IN HEAVEN…ARIZONA ON EARTH was a Spanish-Italian co-production from 1972. The version I watched on Youtube was dubbed in English with subtitles in another language.

As with most spaghetti westerns, there is a revenge motif. Peter Lee Lawrence is Arizona, Garringo in the original Spanish. Money seems to mean little to him. He tracks a bounty down, planning to take him in alive until the fellow pulls a hideout gun, then tells the innkeeper to turn him in for the reward. He carries a gold bullet intended for his target. We see him angrily [ull down a private property sign with the name A. Styles on it, then check out a wrecked ranch house with a picture hanging on one wall that he muses on dreamily.

Austin Styles(Frank Brana) has his name on every business in town, has been buying up all the property, or outright killing them if they won’t sell. It’s all about copper in the surrounding hills.

Only a few ranchers hold out. One is an old man named Duffy(Robertodio_in_cielo_arizona_in_terra_dvd_cover_small Camardiel) who Arizona hooks up with. His niece, Catharine(Maria Pia Conte) is about to marry Style, merely a ploy to get the final mining contracts. Her father and Duffy had once been partners with Styles until the man became greedy and, the naive young girl that she is, Styles had convinced her that Duffy had murdered her father.

There’s also a mysterious gunman, Towers(Carlo Baddi) hanging around town. Arizona and he know each other, if by reputation if not really. Styles hires him to take out Arizona who’s organizing the few ranchers left.

Decent little western directed by Juan Bosch, billed as John Wood, who also wrote the script. Music is by Bruno Nicolai.