18693619GLORIOUS is subtitled A Novel of The American West and I had a fine time reading it.

Cash McLendon comes to the small Arizona town of Glorious on the run from his father-in-law in St. Louis. He’d made the mistake of leaving his wife alone while her parents were away because of business, only to return and find that the high strung young woman had committed suicide.

A survivor since he was a small boy, Cash knew his rich in-laws would sick their enforcer, Brautigan, and his steel toed boots on him. So he cleaned out the safe, two grand, and fled.

Glorious was where his previous lady friend, Gabrielle, and her father had moved their dry goods store. His intention was to correct the mistake of picking the rich girl for a wife. Of course she didn’t see it that way.

Glorious was being built up in anticipation of silver strikes. Stuck in the middle of Apache territory, the town was guarded by a rich rancher and his Mexican vaqueros, armed with double-action Colts and the latest Winchesters.

The rich man has other plans as well and Cash recognizes him for what he is. After all, he’d worked for such a man in St. Louis. Convincing his new friends is another matter entirely.

A fine western that goes on sale May 6th.