230px-Per_pochi_dollari_ancora_Database_PageIn addition to the above title, this movie also appeared in various U.S. releases as fort Yuma Gold and Die Now, Pay Later. It stars Giuliano Gemma(again billed as Montgomery Wood) as Lt. Gary Hammond(Diamond in some releases), a Civil War POW not yet released as the conflict had just recently ended.

He’s given a chance to warn a group of Confederates still fighting the war. A captured bandit from the Rebel outlaws reveals that a plan is in to hit Fort Yuma which is holding a million in gold to pay off all the soldiers in the area. It’s supposed to be understaffed and easy pickings. Gary knows the area and is to deliver a dispatch warning the fort of the attack, a set-up to kill the eight hundred men in the Rebel band, a lot of them friends of Gary.

His purpose is dual, to let the fort know and the band that they won’t be firedimages (1) upon unless they start it. Accompanying Gary are two Union officers in civilian clothes: a rough but friendly Sgt. Pitt(Nello Pazzafini, billed as Red Carter) and an officer one just naturally mistrusts, Captain Lefevre(Angel del Pozo).

An ambush leaves him for dead, but he’s aided by an old man named Riggs(Dan Vadis) and a beautiful blond singer/dancer with the stage name Connie Breastfull(sophie Daumier). And she was.

Double crosses, torture, and extraordinary bravery follow as he tries to complete his mission.

Per_pochi_dollari_ancoraGemma’s character was like most he played in the spaghettis. They were never the hard-bitten, cynical types like most. Happy go lucky was his forte, but still with an edge when he needed one.

This film was a stylish piece based on the Jules Verne novel Billy Strogoff and had a host of hands on the screen credits. The music was by Gianno Ferrio, though I noticed the name Ennio Morricone as well. A little research showed that a piece of his from another film was used as an excuse to play off his name. Morricone sued them over it.

One final note: the title I used, considering the date of release, was an obvious attempt to ride the coattails of the Leone/Eastwood Dollar pictures.