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18310276Mike Hammer is in his mid-sixties and still tough as ever, albeit a bit slower. So when the hit man came at him, his reaction was not quite up to old standards. Still good enough for two shots in the chest and not one in the back of his head.If not for the thick paperback dictionary Mike had picked up for Velda, it would have been enough. It left his chest heavily bruised though.

Someone wanted Mike Hammer dead. Who? Both the Mafia and the government wanted him alive because they believed he knew the location of eighty-nine billion in cash and securities the old Dons had hidden away against their younger, better educated brethren. NoOne was positive about it though.

The hoard had been hijacked by the man the Dons had paid to hide it, a man who was an old war buddy of Mike and Pat Chambers. Mike had come at invitation and was there for the man’s last words.

At the same time, a forty year old case was coming back to haunt Mike and Pat. A serial killer they’d captured was apparently innocent, the real killer confessing as he was already dying of cancer. A huge lawsuit was in the offing. Throw in a rash of cops dying of various reasons to close together and the two men were suspicious.

This makes the sixth Hammer novel Mr. Collins has completed from extensive fragments and notes left by the late author. They just keep getting better. Collins melds his own style perfectly and produces some great fiction here.

Release date is May 6th. On that day, I’;; post a reminder and a link to this review.