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7050716.6Some spaghetti western fans consider LAST OF THE BADMEN to be a loose sequel to KITOSCH, THE MAN WHO CAME FROM THE NORTH(same actor, same character name and mannerisms, same setting in Canada). Others say not so. He’s a scout for the Mounties in one, a cowhand in the second. But he wears the same clothes in both. Not having seen the first film, I have no opinion either way.

Spaghetti veteran George Hilton plays Kitosch, a man who has trouble keeping it in his pants. Or rather resisting the charms of the beautiful women who come on to him. We first see him when the ranch foreman catches him in a delicate situation-with the foreman’s wife! A fight quickly breaks out until the two men are separated. The ranch owner, Don Jaime Mendoza(Eduardo Fajardo) asks him how many lashes the wife is worth. Four answers Kitosch, then adds maybe one or two more after getting the four.

Next we see him walking along at night when a pair of bloomers float down at his435px-Tempoavvoltoi feet. Mendoza’s wife, Steffy(Pamela Tudor) dropped them and Kitosch climbs up to find her in the bathtub. of course that’s not what she says when husband catches them and our philandering hero gets a brand on one hip this time. Mendoza refuses to allow him to leave, giving him more than one beating to reinforce his edict.

Kitosch pays no attention, finally escaping on foot, headed to town looking for a horse. He’s shunned by everyone, learning Mendoza has taken every horse in town. The sheriff arrests him on trumped up charges for Hernandez.

That’s when Joshua Black(frank Wolff), Black Jack, enters town riding a fancy black wagon with a coffin draped in a black cloth aboard. Black Jack has a ten thousand dollar bounty on his head, a fact that gets the sheriff and his deputies killed when thet try to collect. Kitosch hooks up with him after saving him from an ambush. The coffin contains his mother, who wanted to be buried on the family ranch. He wasn’t able to see her before her death because he was in prison awaiting hanging, betrayed by his girl friend, Traps(Maria Grazia Marescalchi), and Big John for he reward money. Black Jack wants his revenge.

downloadKitosch soon learns a few things about his new partner. He’s a sadistic killer when he catches up to his betrayers. And he suffers from Epilepsy. They really mishandle his seizure scenes. Very violent, Black Jack recovers way to fast from them, bck on his feet in minutes and his usual deadly self.

This film also has an unusual weapon, something that happens a lot in this genre. He turns a sawed-off shotgun into a grenade launcher, sticking one on the end pf the barrels and lauching it at his target. What keeps it from exploding at the trigger pull they don’t address.