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10352377_495422017247414_8551046072336059763_nOVERLOAD is the third book in the Legacy series. I’ve covered the first two, FORGOTTEN SON and THE KILLING FIELDS in the past.

A little background on this series. The stars here are Freya, seventeen, and Stone, former Navy Seal, and the children, different mothers, of Remo Williams. The siblings are being trained by their grandfather, Bill Roam, native American and the reigning Sunny Joe of the tribe. In the distant past, twins were trained by the blind Sinanju master, they taking advantage of father’s blindness to both get training. When caught, one left and ended up in North America where he began the same tradition with the Native Americans. Bill Roam, after his son Remo was born, the mother dying in childbirth, left the baby at an orphanage.

Roam and his grandchildren go to Hollywood for the funeral of an old friend from his stuntman days where they run into an old enemy, who’d received a bit of stardom from cheesy B-movies trading on one signature martial arts move. Stevie Sturgeon was now old and fat, years removed from his last movie, still believing he was the greatest martial artist alive.

He wants revenge for his humiliations at the hands of Bill Roam all those years ago, planning to use young Freya.

Big mistake.

Been a fan of Murphy’s work from the very beginning. This new series still carries on the caricatures of the pretentious whether part of Hollywood, business, or politics.

Loved this one. The book went on sale this morning.