1: The Mingrellian(ARC) – Ed Baldwin: The 21st Century “Great Game” between Russia, Iran and America plays out beneath the snowcapped Caucasus Mountains in Central Asia as Capt. Boyd Chailland goes undercover to find “The Mingrelian,” America’s most important source for Iranian nuclear weapons secrets. Boyd is captivated by the rich Georgian culture and falls for a Circassian beauty. Together they must crash Iran’s nuclear coming out party to rescue the one man who can save Persia from itself.

2: A Dead Issue(ARC) – John Evans: Mark Cameron does not want to be groomed to take over the family business empire. He wants to find his own path in life—like his father did. But when his half-brother comes to town, that path takes Mark to the center of a felony homicide investigation as a person of interest. He plays a dangerous game, balancing between being a key witness and a prime suspect as Detective Devereaux doggedly searches for that one clue that could put Mark behind bars.

Meanwhile, the vultures circle the investigation and tear into the family fortune, gorging themselves with payoffs, extortion, and ransom. Mark’s world is spinning out of control and he must find a way to make it stop. There is only one way. Someone must die.

3: Last Chance Canyon(ebook) – James Reasoner: Only desperate men dared to venture into Last Chance Canyon, like bounty hunter Rye Callahan and the deadly outlaw he pursued. The fate that awaited them inside the lonely box canyon was something neither man could have anticipated, and the question was whether either of them would make it out alive!

LAST CHANCE CANYON is a 6000 word short story from James Reasoner, New York Times bestselling author and master storyteller of the Old West. Never before published in English, this exclusive e-book edition includes a new Afterword by the author.

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4: A Gazillion Little Bits(ebook) – Claudia Brevis: Isolated by shifting lands, fire and beasts, fewer than thirteen thousand people live in the ruins and rubble of Manhattan without technology, government or any connection to the world from which they’ve descended…

Until the mysterious whispers arrive, followed by a stranger who holds what may be the key to the city’s ultimate survival.

5: Contrails(ebook) – Robert Anderson & Steve Clark: Sam Claymore works for Civil Airlines, sleepwalking through the highs and lows, the ups and downs of being a pilot. He survives working alongside a wacky cast of captains, turbulence scares, even being estranged from his father. Nothing fazes him until one day he is unexpectedly furloughed. What Sam will do becomes the new route he must navigate.

Enter Nate McFadden, a childhood friend living in Miami. Nate contacts Sam at the right time, a time when his moral compass may be susceptible to manipulation. Nate moves Sam in, getting him a job where being furloughed is the least of his worries. Follow Sam as he descends deeper into a world he could’ve never imagined. CONTRAILS is a story of real people faced with extreme decisions, the consequences of which could mean their lives.

6: Hoods, Hot rods, & Hellcats(ebook) – edited by Chad Eagleton: Pile your hair high, shine your leather jacket, pop the switchblade, and turn on the devil’s music! Get ready to roar down the desolate American highway with eight tales of hoods, hot rods, and hellcats!

“The 1950s are recreated one more time, but here it’s with a savage, razor-honed edge you’ll never find in Grease, Happy Days, or American Graffiti,” from the introduction by the legendary Mick Farren.

Hoods, Hot Rods, and Hellcats features brand new fiction from Eric Beetner, Chad Eagleton, Christopher Grant, Matthew Funk, David James Keaton, Nik Korpon, Heath Lowrance, and Thomas Pluck.

7: The Collection of Heng Souk(ebook) – S. R. Wilsher: When her father dies, Sun visits his estranged brother, Heng Souk to return a surprise package. Yet her frail uncle is a very different man from her tough and testing father. When she discovers in his possession a notebook written by an American POW detailing his torturous relationship with his captor, she is startled by what she learns.
Meanwhile, Thomas Allen, still reeling from the death of his daughter and the breakup of his marriage, is told that the man he always called Dad was not his biological father. His mother gives him a batch of letters she still has from the ‘real’ disappeared father. Their tragically unresolved love story prompts Thomas to find out why his mother’s ‘greatest love’ never returned to her after the Vietnam War.
His search leads him to the notorious prison ‘the Citadel’, and to Sun and her uncle. Despite the hostility of her brutal husband and deceitful mother, Sun and Thomas begin a perilous relationship. Aware that the fate of Thomas’ father is revealed in Ephraim’s notebook, she is torn between helping Thomas in his search and the damaging effect revealing what is in the notebook will mean for all of them.

8: Legacy: Overload(ebook) – Warren Murphy & Gerald Welch: A figure from Sunny Joe’s past seeks revenge by hiring Stone and Freya for a video game where there are no cheat codes…and death is for real!