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Hide-Out_FilmPosterThe hood falls for the farmer’s daughter. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? But that’s the basic ploy of this 1933 film.

Robert Montgomery is the gangster Lucky wilson and Maureen O’Sullivan is the farmer’s daughter.

Lucky Wilson’s game is the protection racket in New York City. He;s the one who leads the thugs muscling into honest businesses for his boss Tony Berrilli(C. Henry Gordon). He’s also an unrepentant womanizer. As the film begins, he’s on the phone arranging as assignation with one woman while his live-in girl friend is in the next room, then hitting on the maid for her next night off.

His boss Tony gives him the word to get out of town for awhile as the police, in the form of Dt. Lt. “Mac” MacCarthy(Edward Arnold), have a warrant out for him. Wilson is reluctant to go as he’s never been out of the city before. He makes a mistake when he goes to meet one of his women and runs intp MacCarthy and his boys, getting shot in the melee. Stil he manages to escape and blows the city in a car until he passes out.

He’s rescued by the Miller family with their daughter Pauline and her kid brother400hide-out Willie(don’t call me that. I’m Bill) played by a twelve year old Mickey Rooney. He tells them that he was waylaid by gangsters.

It doesn’t take the crusty hood long to fall under the spell of the beautiful young twenty year old. It’s a whole new world for Lucky, helping Pauline withe chores and also learning the farmers Are having trouble with the racketeers who want to muscle in on the milk business. Thet order them to bsell only to one distributor, theirs of course, at a fixed price.

Hide-Out22_zps372c7ba3 (2)Lucky loves her and she him, a fact Willie blows when he reveals she’s crazy about him, the new dress she’s bought is just for him.

But the cops are closing in on him by now.

It all ends well though. Hey, this is an early romantic comedy after all.