819ZVfQWAML._SL1500_Beat To a Pulp offers us the fourth adventure of Jack Laramie, grandson of the old deputy U.S. Marshal Cash Laramie.

It was just whim that caused Jack Laramie to stop at the small diner on the side of the road at a place called Beule’s Corner. It was the sign advertising chili that swung the notion.

He found himself alone with a woman named Bonnie, it was her place, brushing by an angry man leaving.

When the young couple barged in wanting to call the police, and the phone had been damaged, he knew trouble was coming when he heard the growl of motorcycles in the parking lot.

It was the Deguelloes, one of those motorcycle clubs that had sprung up after WWII, formed initially from disaffected servicemen.

well written tale of the grandson of deputy U. S. Marshal Cash Laramie, himself a private eye that roamed the highways of Texas in the 1950s looking for work.

Wayne Dundee never disappoints. Wide Spot in The Road can be ordered here.