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n60679It was a fifty dollar day for private eye Ed Noon. First the two hundred pound woman gave him fifty, a day’s rate to follow her husband, believing him cheating. In the rain, he watched the husband eat breakfast alone, go to his office, eat lunch alone, return to his office, only to go home at the end of the business day. Then Noon stops off at a bar for a drink and escape from the rain.

And there he met Opal Trace.

The only other customer, a gorgeous brunette pounding down stingers like glasses of water.

Like any self-respecting male, Noon offers to buy her one and the two get close until a look of fear crosses her face. He turns to find two men standing17900419 there. One wearing a felt fedora, a goon, and a smaller man with a beret using four dollar words. A punch to his throat slows Noon down only long enough for them to get outside.

He attacks and beats it with Opal, setting him off on a strange case.

They’re soon on a train headed to Chicago. We have a fat man, a Sidney Greenstreet type, with a gun, our two thugs, a gorgeous redhead, a priceless six foot statue called The Violent Virgin, something called the Blue Green that everybody wants, a bomb, and bodies starting to pile up.

From 1956, a good Ed Noon mystery.