18693905SUNDANCE postulates that Harry Longbaugh never went to South America, instead entering prison, after capture and trial, under a different name in 1901. He serves twelve years. The novel opens as he leaves prison in 1913, immediately being braced by a young man, the son of a marshal Sundance had embarrassed, He knew Harry’s real identity.

It was self defense, but nobody believes that. Harry’s on the run again and has a mission as well.

He wants to find his wife, Etta Place. She’d visited him for years before he made her stop. They were hard on the both of them and letters would have to be enough. But two years before his release, the letters had stopped, his to her returned unopened.

Harry knew she’d lived in New York City and that’s where he headed, stopping off to see his sister-in-law on the way. She hadn’t heard from Etta in two years either and had in fact been visited by a couple of rough characters back then.

Etta was in some kind of trouble and Harry went looking for her. He was being pursued as well by lawman Charlie Siringo, who’d once infiltrated Butch and his gang undercover while a Pinkerton.

He soon learns that the Black Hand wants Etta. Harry must find her and avoid Siringo at the same time.

Well researched and written. The author did a fine job placing the reader in early twentieth century New York city.