italian_loc_killer_caliber_32_dupe2_JC06605_LThe well dressed, elegant gunman was one of the tropes of the Euro western, everybody from Lee Van Cleef to Giuliano Gemma. Peter Lee Lawrence plays an early version here, the man known only as Silver, “Mr. Silver” he usually insists. Dressed in black with a lot of silver trim(one is a pair of silver scissors on a chain he uses to trim his fingernails while wearing finger-less gloves. He carries a small .32 caliber Colt, “those heavier caliber guns make such messy wounds,” that shoots silver bullets(but he’s no Lone Ranger). He has an unusual way of holstering his weapon after use, reversing it as if putting it away butt forward, only to spin it at the last instant to drop it in a more conventional manner.

Silver gets a thousand dollars, plus expenses, per job. We see him appear at a mining operationimages where the owner beats his employees and works them like dogs. The fellow has his own personal gunman. Silver pushes them until they draw, then drops them. It’s always self defense. The Mexican employees had pooled their money to come up with a thousand.

Another job is in a saloon where a card player, with two armed gunmen, forces everyone that gets in the game to stay until virtually out of money. The owner, Dolly(Helene Chanel, billed as Sherill Morgan) has hired him to get rid of the fellow. Bad for business you know.

Silver is put in jail by Sheriff Bear(Mirko Ellis) until a judge rules on the self defense notion. There he meets a young gunman,Killer_calibro_4120 Spot(Alberto Dell’Aqua, billed as Cole Kitosch) who latches onto Silver in hero worship. He wants to learn what Silver does. The two actors could almost be brothers(same baby face and blond hair).

Silver is abruptly let out of jail for a job. Someone had been hitting local stages, but only when carrying large sums of money in secret compartments. They always know where the loot is hid. On the latest job, the fourth, every passenger and stage employee had been murdered, unlike the previous three. Sheriff Bear and the bank president surmised thet must be locals and were recognized by one of the murder victims, who unwisely spoke up. We know that’s true as we see the hold-uplawrence44 and the woman passenger who talked too much.

Silver functions as a detective on this job and negotiates a new deal. Two thousand a head and a ten thousand dollar bonus on completion and recovery of the money. They want him because the Pinkertons and the sheriff are to concerned with the law.

He makes himself the “cheese” to draw the gang out, letting out word he has two suspects. and it works all to well.

Not a bad movie, I’d give it threes stars out of five.