22031995Richard writes his stories with a sure hand. Set in Nebraska where he grew up, he guides his characters through all sorts of circumstances, both humorous at times, deadly serious at others, one not quite sure until the proper moment. These are westerns, one featuring is character John Coburn, the Peregrine, from his DEVIL’S NEST book. One thing they are not is your standard shoot-em-up. Not that there’s anything wrong with those. I enjoy them quite a lot.

Worth a look and can be ordered HERE.

22355367It’s 1910, Halley’s Comet is in the sky, and the world is all agog with purple prose about poison gas and doom for the Earth. Twelve year old Jo Harper, daughter of the newspaper publisher in the small Wyoming town of Willowby, is one of the true believers. At least she’s excited by it all.

When she meets the new town constable, Abigail Drake, an older woman complete with sunburned face and one eye, leading a calf on a leash. Abigail had once been a part of Buffalo Bill’s wild west show-and even knew Annie Oakley. She’s there on a mission involving the calf and Jo takes to her immediately, getting involved with the goings on.

Author Richard Prosch gives us a western that avoids all the stereotypes of the genre and delves into the inner workings of a young giel and her new friend,

Enjoyed this one quite a bit. Can be ordered HERE.