download (1)I’ve Written of Will C. Brown’s work in the past, HERE and HERE. I enjoy his books more every time I read a new one.

Two men are after a fortune in gold. Dave Landis had hooked up with a man named Concher. Both men had fought for the South during the war and both hated, still, the Union soldiers. Concher was on the run for killing one.

The pair were headed for Caprock territory in the Texas panhandle. It was gold they were after.

The legend was that a party of settlers, the Fridales, were ambushed and slaughtered by Comanche, the Indians burying ten thousand in gold coin. Concher claims to have seen them bury it with two comrades who then had a running battle with them, only Concher surviving to escape. Landis was along because he grew up in the area on a ranch his father had built.

That had happened before the war for both men and neither had been back since. Prison time for Concher and a rancher named Cal Mayhaw that had driven Landis’s father out of business, Landis having worked for him for a time until he could no longer stomach the deals with Comancheroes, the stolen cattle.

The plan was to get in and out with the gold.

But a young woman now lived in his old homestead, Mayhaw gets wind of Landis back in the area, and Union troops are closing in on both them and Mayhaw.

A lot going on in this novel, but deftly handled.