I get emails every day from authors wanting me to review their books. They get my name off Amazon’s reviewer list(I’m not that high, in the nineteen hundreds. Mostly I review thrillers, mysteries, science fiction, and westerns. I have occasionally tackled children’s books as well. The inner child in me enjoys them. I’m careful about what I agree to and get them as ebooks or paper.

These books here came today in three packages: seventeen children’s books and two self help. The email I got from the lady offered any or all of them for review. I suggested we start with one from each author first. The children’s books i can read in a few minutes. Hell, the reviews take longer to write and post. I fired off a slightly unpleasant email saying I might just chuck the lot. She wrote back apologetic, blamed it on an overeager assistant, and told me not to feel obligated to do all. “Give them to a children’s hospital.”

I won’t chuck them, a bad thing to do to a book, and I’ll review them all when I can work them in. But I’ll be a bit more careful with authors I don’t know in the future.

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