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It’s 1967 and a lot has changed for Sam McCain. A boot camp accident, shot in20729805 the head and a three month recovery, ended his brief military career. The new police chief, Foster, was more competent than McCain’s long time nemesis, Cliffie, who’d been forced into retirement. And our hero is finally in a stable relationship with a fine woman.

And he’s in the middle of a murder investigation.

Will Cullen was an old friend of McCain’s who’s life was in shambles. In a firefight in Vietnam, he’d accidentally killed a little girl, act that unhinged him. Back home, he’d joined an anti-war group of Vietnam vets, another friend, gung-ho Steve Donovan, a man entering politics, had brutally attacked Will in front of a crowd. When he turned up dead the next day and Will was found with the murder weapon, naturally he was arrested.

McCain is sure his friend is innocent. All he has to do is prove it.

What I’ve always liked about Ed Gorman’s writing is the clean style and the attention to detail. I was a young man living in the same type of small town during the time period. He’s got it right and puts the reader squarely into a real world.

Most excellent mystery. Goes on October 15th.