1: Riders On The Storm(ARC) – Ed Gorman: When we last saw Sam McCain he had been drafted to fight the war in Vietnam. But Sam s military career ended in boot camp when he was accidentally shot in the head and forced to spend three months in a military hospital to recover. Sam returns to his hometown of Black River Falls, where he works as a lawyer (and part-time investigator) for the court of the snobbish but amusing Judge Esme Ann Whitney. Two of Sam s oldest friends are caught up in this same battle. Veteran Steve Donovan brutally belittles and finally savagely beats his old friend veteran Will Cullen when Cullen announces he s joined the anti-war group. When Cullen is found murdered, the obvious suspect is Steve Donovan, but Sam has serious doubts about the man s guilt. At least three people had reasons to murder Cullen, and Sam begins to suspect he ll discover even more as his investigation heats up, in this dynamic new politically charged mystery novel by a veteran of the form.

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2: The Professional Freelancer(review copy) – Rory Scherer: After being laid off at my latest company that fell victim to insider fraud, and the job market at its lowest point in years, I decided to follow the advice of my self-made millionaire friend and become ‘The Professional Freelancer’. Spiraling out of control, I found myself involved in several extremely dangerous situations that strangely all seem to be connected involving the mafia, a Korean street gang, a white-collar crime, and masterminding the annual euchre championships at a senior citizens retirement home. The Professional Freelancer is a humorous ebook that was not written in a traditional format. It was written from the protagonist’s point-of-view. He is talking directly to you; the reader.

3: Adam’s New World(review copy) – Lawrence Lapin: This third book in ADAM’S CHRONICLES takes place few years after celestial holocaust—far worse than the one killing off the dinosaurs. Desperate survivors take on the mission of restoring lost life. By gradually activating life from a vast collection of seeds, eggs, spores, and embryos gathered before the calamity, those rescuers have saved many familiar species from early extinction
Mammals have been an especially difficult challenge. Most troublesome are the rescuers’ poor prospects for continuing themselves.
The rescuers own human embryo collection has been lost. The surviving people are few and face hereditary issues from inbreeding. Even though planned procreation with test-tube babies would minimize genetic problems and give the human race a decent lease on life, difficulties are expected.
Humans in the recovering world face dire circumstances indeed. So extreme are those, that they have brought back apes to help the restorations. Those bonobos, chimpanzees, and gorillas are treated as equals—as hairy people. That’s only possible because of mind-enhancing chemicals and sign-language communications.
The mentor for the rescuers is long-lived Adam Boatwright, a trained geneticist who will use science to eliminate hereditary diseases—both animal and human. Adam hopes to lead genetics into new frontiers by bringing oral speech to the apes, who also want to walk on two legs, just like humans. Such manipulation would create new species.
Could that succeed? If so, what are the moral and spiritual implications?
Although science is a major theme of this book, it is non-technical in nature and all discussed in ordinary language as part of the thrilling story. The tale weaves together controlled evolution, intelligence enhancements, non-cryogenic embryo storage, expanded animal-human communications, and prolonged cessation of the aging process.
The saga combines science with conjecture, mystery, thrills, and intrigue. It is also a story of a great love. The tale told is as if it were real, with minimal need for reader’s to suspend their disbelief as the incredible story unfolds.

4: Oh My God, It’s Halloween!(review copy) – Naveed Ali: This story is about Izzy and her friends going out on Halloween day to collect candies but they spot someone mysterious stealing candies from kids! Who is this mysterious person? Find out now and let the adventure begin.