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22428578BRASH BOOKS, founded by Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman, publishes both new and old books that interest them. Mostly crime, but other genres as well.

TREASURE COAST was my first book by Tom Kakonis and I must say I was impressed. A lot goes on between the covers. Former gambler, Jim Merriman, retired because of a run of bad luck, comes to Florida’s Treasure Coast because his sister is dying from cancer, She extracts a promise from her brother to look after her son, a twenty-one year old screw-up named Leo Cody.

Things are much worse than Merriman knew when he learns the boy has large gambling debts and a pair of thuggish collectors are looking for him.

It doesn’t take them long to get involved in a bizarre kidnapping plot with the two collectors, a phony conman preacher and his partner who converses with the dead, and the victim a sexually charged woman that doesn’t seem to get the gravity of the situation.

Did I mention the hurricane drawing down on the Florida coast?

Author Tom Kakonis sets all these characters up nicely in the first part and the reader gets a racehorse thriller that I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough.

Terrific thriller that goes on sale September 2, 2014.