51hn7-a5z8l-_sl500_When Matt Chisholm rode into the Montana town of Welcome, he was undercover. Pinkerton had sent him in to see Kate Ryder, the owner of a ranch started by her late father.One of four ranches in the Welcome basin, She was actually worried about a friend, an old friend of her father, Smokey Broster, whose ranch bordered hers.

Smokey was beset by problems. several of his water holes had been poisoned, some cattle ha been run off, a landslide had nearly killed him.

And then there was the ghost.

The whole mess had started several months back when Smokey had been digging a trench and found a body. A skeleton really with ragged clothes and no identification. Smokey had respectfully buried in the cemetery.

All his troubles began then, Smokey seeing a shadowy figure standing atop Windy Ridge more than a few times, Being a superstitious old man, he was at his wit’s end. Kate didn’t believe in ghosts and had hired the Pinkerton Agency to find out what was going on.

Chisholm didn’t buy the ghost angle either. Someone wanted old Smokey off the land for some reason, so he began to nose around on the sly.

When someone took a shot at him with a Sharps, Chisholm knew he’d upset someone’s plans. Now all he had to do was find out who before it was to late,

Nicely done western that kept me reading.