7pistols3ADIOS HOMBRE was the worldwide English title for this film, as well as for several European countries. I king of like the original and the translation.

The plot is a simple one. Will Flaherty wants to clear his name. Three years before, he’d been framed for a bank robbery and the murders of two tellers. Sent to prison, he’d escaped and come looking for the real killers/robbers. Flaherty is played by Craig Hill, an actor I’ve never seen in any other spaghetti westerns. IMDb lists only one other that I7pistols1 can find.

When he rides into Little Tucson, he’s not warmly greeted. The singer in the saloon seems to recognize him. Peggy(Giulia Rubini) is her name and she’s the woman he left behind when sent to prison. The bartender demands money up front for a drink, then tries to throw him out, saying Peggy has a new man. Not true he learns. She’s been alone ever since.

A gang robs the bank late one night on information that a gold shipment was stored there. Led by Tiny/Tilly(Eduardo FAjardo), the safe is blown by Doc(Roberto Camrdiel), muffled and aided by the singing/carousing in the saloon, they find a completely empty safe and decide it hasn’t arrived yet. With the safe blown, word would be sent out, the shipment rerouted, so they take over the town, herding the townspeople into the church, and wait for the shipment to arrive.

260px-AdioshombreaffFlaherty is in hiding and learns the very man he’s been hunting, the one who falsely testified against him, is part of the gang. Piero Lulli is on hand as Luke Brabham, the villain this time as opposed to last Saturday’s film where he was one of the heroes.

They begin to wonder if the gold tale is even real as one stage arrives with no gold, but a load of women and one man. The Judith Girls they are called and the man is their manager. They call themselves ballet dancers, but the show they put on is the Can-Can.

A fairly routine western as most of the action takes place in a town setting and most of that in the saloon. We get the equisite saloon brawl as the girls are paid bt Peggy to flirt with the outlaws, play them off each other, as she helps Flaherty escape after they’ve captured him.

I’ve seen worse.

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