redsinJonathan Craig was one of a number of pseudonyms Frank E. Smith wrote under. The Pete Selby novels were a popular series. RED-HEADED SINNERS was a standalone novel about a man with problems.

Jeff Stoner had been a cop for twelve years and a good at that. But even he couldn’t explain why he attacked and nearly killed a red-headed woman in an interrogation room at the police station. She wasn’t wanted for anything, but was simply there to get a location of a boy friend, Piggy Ferris, wanted for a forty thousand dollar jewelry heist. When the matron stepped from the room, Jeff’s hands ended up being peeled from around the redhead’s throat.

It cost him his job as a cop.

But Jeff had a plan. Find Piggy Ferris and recover the jewels. That should get him his job back. Not to mention the good graces of his fiancee Marcia.

But Jeff had more problems than one. He drank too much and death followed him wherever he went. Someone, some thing, didn’t want him saved.

An interesting novel, not Craig’s best work by any means. But a satisfying read.