n290028 (1)PEACEMAKER RAWHIDE was the third(of 9) in the Peacemaker series, the author’s sixteenth novel overall.

Jim Stark is better known by his nickname, the Peacemaker, a professional troubleshooter. He’s always well armed, a ,45 Peacemaker on one hip, a Marlin .38 hideout in the small of his back, a custom made Bowie knife, a sporting rifle for distance shooting, and his main weapon, a ten-gauge Winchester 1887 lever action shotgun. He’s also studied the French foot fightng, Savate, and is proficient with a whip.

He’s headed to Doaksville in Indian territory, employed by lady lawyer Prudence McKay, executor of the estate of a freight owner killed in an accident. The line was left to his children, Brian and Brenda Langton, the boy eighteen, the girl seventeen. His job is to guard them as a rival freight line has been making moves against them, one run by the widow Noreen Danner.

Jacob langton had died when he fell off a slow moving wagon, neck brown and skull crushed, The owner of the rival freight firm had died when he fell off his horse, neck broken and skull crushed.

Do we detect a theme here?

Stark is immediately suspicious.

The widow Danner, former dance hall girl, is used to getting her way by using her feminine wiles, which she proceeds to try with Stark. That she fails infuriates her.

She has a pair og Mexican gauchos, brothers, in her employ. One is expert with a whip, the other in a South American form of foot fighting.

Guess where we’re headed.

Nicely written novel with plenty of action packed in it’s few pages.