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600full-it-can-be-done-amigo-posterBy the end of the sixties, the spaghetti western genre had started to fade. It was the two Trinity films staaring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer that injected a new bit of life into the old gal. According to the Spaghetti Western Database, this film was made to settle a conflict between director Enzo Barboni and screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi, both of whom claimed pieces of the first Trinity film. Bud Spencer was the peacemaker, a lawyer by trade, agreeing to do this movie for one of the aggrieved parties, his first vehicle without Terence Hill.

Spencer plays Hiram Coburn, a roguish but goodhearted fellow that prefers hisItCanBeDoneAmigo horse Rufus, a beautiful white animal, to other humans. He’s nearly hung as a horse thief because a number of mares follow Rufus(quite the charmer among the horse set), but is saved by a lawyer and his nephew and taken to jail for a first class trial, then a hanging. But when a gang breaks out his cellmate< Big Jim(Luciana Catenacci), he escapes as well.

You see, he's being pursued by Sonny Bronston(Jack Palance), a pimp/gunfighter who wants Coburn for deflowering his sister, Mary(Dany Saval), an accident of sorts as she came to him in the night and he thought it was his favorite prostitute..Sonny's plan is to marry them, then kill Coburn. Mary will then be a respectable widow.

10860102_detCoburn disrupts an attack on the old man who’d stopped his lynching and the dying old man extracts a promise that he will take his small nephew, Chip Anderson(Renato Cestiè), to a ranch left to him by the boy’s late father. Chip says his uncle kept saying he would find his fortune there.

Coburn and Chip becomes suspicious when everyone tries to buy and/or run them off the property. The Sheriff/Mayor/Judge/Preacher, Franciscus(Francisco Rabal), offers them a thousand for the broken down old house. Then an old man who’d been buying buckets of dirt for two dollars apiece, then tasting each offers five thousand for the place, upping it to ten when they balk.

What is the secret?

Sonny and Franciscus team up with the Preacher to marry his sister to Coburn,it-can-be-done-amigo1 then he’d kill him. Plans change when Mary announces she’s pregnant. Sonny says he will wait until the child is twenty-one before making his sister a widow.

But there’s an even worse fate awaiting Coburn after the big finale.

Like most of the soaghettis of this period, no one was killed. A lot of fighting though. One learns to be wary whenever Coburn pulls and dons glasses from a pouch on his belt. He doesn’t carry a gun, preferring his ham-like fists.

We learn the whys during the fight scene/finale. I may be mistaken, but the house looks like the one in ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST.

Kind of fun.