As was the fashion back then, this film appeared under a variety of titles whenuomo_chiamato_apocalisse_joe_anthony_steffen_leopoldo_savona_001_jpg_yxie it was away from Italy, from A Man Called Joe Clifford to apocalypse Joe to A Man Called Apocalypse Joe in English language countries.

Joe Clifford(spaghetti vet Anthony Steffen) is an amateur actor who wants to go to London to play Shakespeare. He travels the west honing his skills, but seems to get into more trouble than anything. In one early scene, he’s doing Hamlet, skull in hand when harassed by several gunmen. He quickly disposes of them with a pistol in the skull. Locked up, his aunt comes to bail him out, though he’s reluctant to leave. She’s been after him for years to give up that nonsense and settle down.

This time is different. She’s been looking for him because another uncle had died and left him his gold mine.

71990He returns to his home town only to find another man claiming it. Berg(Eduardo Fajardo) says his unce lost it in a poker game, them in a drunken state after signing it over fell off a two hundred foot cliff. Joe, and the movie viewers, are immediately suspicious about said accidental death. He decides to stick around and look into it. It;s not long before a Mexican his uncle had been kind to tells Jor the truth. He’d witnessed Berg forced the uncle to sign the mine over to him, then had liquor poured on him, tossing him off the cliff.

Thus begins his campaign to regain what’s rightfully his.

Heavily outnumbered, about thirty to one, with a Sheriff either Berg’s buddy orApocalisseJoe_DatabasePage afraid of him, Joe uses his acting skills to great effect, posing as a priest, a woman with a baby carriage(loaded with explosives), and a bearded old man as he picks off the men sent after him, one by one. He plays a cat and mouse game as thet scour the town.

Joe has a bit of help though. An old man names Doc Klan(Fernando Cerulli), his daughter Mildred(Veronica Korosec), Rita(Mary Paz Pondal), the saloon owner and the former girl friend of one of Berg’s gunmen, Moe(Gilberto Galimberti), and her bartender Al(Silvano Spadaccino).

The final showdown in town is executed masterfully.

This was a good one with music by Bruno Nicolai, direction by Leopoldo Savona. Lots of gunplay and fist fighting.