soyoung2It’s femme fatale week on Forgotten Books, Thus one qualifies I think.

Steve Garrity was a piano player. a good one at that.

He was also a hit man for the mob, a job he’d fell into with a little encouragement. He’d killed a man, beating him to death, for sleeping with his wife and the mob had proof. Kill someone for us and it will go away. He’d been doing it a few years now.

His latest assignment seems a rush job. It has to be fast, it has to look like an accident, and the victim to be is a barely fifteen year old girl named Leda Noland. Garrity is not given a reason and it’s implied that if he doesn’t get it done exactly, he will be next on the hit list. The mob is not very forgiving.

He finds himself in a small town, an aunt of the girl attracted to him, a jealous rich boy that wants the aunt, and a sexy fifteen year old that seems wise beyond her yars.

And of course nothing will go as planned. From 1957, it’s one of Craig’s best standalones.