18515639Not really a forgotten book, but I’ve wanted to read this story ever since I saw the excellent film a few years ago. It first appeared in The King is Dead: Tales of Elvis Post-Mortem. The film starred Bruce Campbell as the still alive Elvis and Ossie Davis as Jack Kennedy(the old black man claims to have survived the assassination attempt, only to be died black and abandoned).

Both are residents of the Shady Rest old folks home. Elvis is still alive because he’d gotten tired of the life and switched with the best Elvis impersonator. The idea was when he was ready to return, they would swap back. A contract had been drawn up to that effect. But then the impersonator had died of a heart attack and Elvis’s contract had been lost in a fire.

The two men battle a soul sucking mummy to save the lives and souls of their fellow residents.

How does a mummy get into an East Texas rest home? Read the superb story and find out.The ebook can be found HERE.