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Brash Books is going about the business of bringing crime books long out of91856unsBPL._SL1500_ print, as well as exciting new finds. LOW END OF NOWHERE is the first book in the Streeter series Michael Stone, former newspaper man, private eye, set his series in his home town of Denver.

Streeter is a bounty hunter, a skip chaser for a bail bondsman with whom he shares a former church. A former football player, bouncer, four time ex-husband, he lives off the grid, dealing in cash, a driver’s license under a different name, a car registered and insured under a third name.

He takes side jobs now and again.

This time he’s working for a woman he nailed for insurance fraud. Her boyfriend had died in a car wreck, leaving her everything in a will. His money was made in real estate and drug deals. He was also notoriously tight-fisted.

Streeter was to find where the money was hidden. Seemed simple enough, but they weren’t the only ones looking: A shady lawyer, his two thugs with their own agenda, and there seemed to be a cop in the mix.

Good stuff and can be ordered HERE.