600full-nancy-drew...-trouble-shooter-posterAs a kid, reading Nancy Drew was more my sisters’ purview, though I think I did check out a few. Don’t remember all the comedy though. I think NANCY DREW, TROUBLE SHOOTER followed the formula of the times mixing a lot of comedy among the mysteries. I’ve seen too many films of the era that did such.

Bonita Granville stars as the teenage detective and John Litel as Carson Drew, her father. They are out to clear Uncle Matt Brandon(Aldrich Bowker), notimages really a relative, but an old friend accused of murdering his neighbor Henry Clark. The two men had had a running feud for years over a property line and he was heard threatening the man the day he disappeared.

The Sheriff of the county, Riggs(Roger Imhof) is an idiot and has the old man locked up even though there’s no evidence a crime has even been committed. It doesn’t take lawyer Drew long to get him out, though it doesn’t last long as Nancy and boy friend Ted Nickerson(Frankie Thomas) find the body, shot, buried on Matt’s land.

Nancy goes snooping about as the film plainly makes it obvious who the murderer really is: Clinton Griffith(Erville Alderson), clark’s partner in a plant nursery. You see, a rare flower was found growing where Clark’s body was found buried.

hnVjvIvm1Vn7mnKx0NcNv5OGSq0The two kids go through a wild plane that is supposed to crash when they are caught snooping and the pilot bails out. It supposed to look like they stole the plane and crashed it.

All’s well in the end though. After all, there’s more movies to be made.

Some thoughts: the depiction of the young black hand is embarrassing: slow talking, superstitious, a chicken thief. And Nancy is a bit old to be jealous of the attentions of the attractive neighbor toward her father and his return of same.