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8098350I’ve been a fan of both Sherlock Holmes and Carl Kolchak for many years. That the two could team up was an intriguing idea, one I wondered how the good folks at Moonstone could accomplish. They do comics of both characters and have for years.

Kolchak is visited by a young woman with a had-written mauscript found on her great-grandfather after he was murdered in the early fifties. It had been passed down in the family since then waiting to be put into Kolchak’s hands specifically. She couldn’t explain how he could be involved even before his birth.

The manuscript turns out to be a Sherlock Holmes story, one of many unknown tales chronicled by his friend Dr. Watson. It involved a Latvian terrorist, a man who confessed to a murder he didn’t commit, that of his wife. Or rather his second wife, both at the same time.

A second manuscript turns up, modern day followers of the terrorist, and the stuff of legends: the giant Thunderbirds in a subplot that goes all the way back to 1890 Tombstone.

This graphic novel is a compilation of individual books. In the back are the cover images of the original issues. The story is by Joe Gentile with the artwork by Andy Bennett & Carlos Magno.

A lot of fun and available HERE.