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Apparently, SON OF ZORRO is somewhat of a rarity in the spaghetti western180px-2625 genre. The print downloaded to Youtube looks to have been recorded from TV. Poor quality, rolling picture at times, the aspect cuts off some credits. Not letter-boxed, but black bars down each side. It’s dubbed in English with subtitles that appear to be Russian. Not positive of that though. The same version appears twice on Youtube, once under the title I use, the other THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN WINCHESTER. To complete the picture, the trailer, of far superior quality uses the world wide English title, adding the to the version I use. It only has a bare bones listing on the Spaghetti Western Database, mainly a listing of the main players and director and writers with a one line plot synopsis. No review. The IMDb listing doesn’t have even one review.

I thought the pacing of the picture was bad. Despite plenty of action, it actually seemed slow at times.

27 SON OF ZORROThe location is Mexico, the time during Maximillian’s reign. Revolution is brewing. led by Don José Herrera(Andrea Fantasia) and his beautiful daughter, Conchita(Elisa Ramírez). The father is disposed of quickly when a traitor in the ranks blows the whistle. It takes Zorro to rescue her.

Let’s talk about Zorro. Don Rocardo Villaverde(Alberto Dell’Acqua, billed as Robert Widmark) is a skinny blond that wears only a thin mask that covers only his eyes, that blond hair shining. That no one connects him to the skinny blond Zorro seems a bit ridiculous. He professes to be on the side of those in charge, thus getting in on all the planning. His cover is that of a nonviolent Lothario making advances on every attractive woman that crosses his path.

Two spaghetti western regulars keep this one from getting too embarrassing.mix6 William Berger plays Mathias Boyd, an American from Louisiana. the man bringing the revolutionaries a new kind of rifle for their war with French forces. He’s hidden them and everyone wants the location. With Don Herrera murdered, he;ll only tell Zorro where he’s hidden them. The second spaghetti veteran is Fernando Sancho, Colonel Michel Leblanche, titular ruler of the area.

Franco Fantasia is Captain François Bardeau, the best swordsman in all of France and the man plagued mostly by Zorro. Our black clad outlaw’s version of Bernardo is Pedro Garcia(George Wang).

27 SON OF ZORRO lobbyAnother problem I had with the film was that it couldn’t decide whether it was an Action piece or a comedy. Both Zorro and Pedro rode horses that seemed to fart a lot, long and loud. In an early scene, shown in the trailer below, Pedro is waiting below to take loot Zorro confiscates from the rich at a party when a guard takes a leak off the wall, a long one, right onto Pedro’s sombrero. The pair tortur information from Leblanche by tickling the bottoms of his feet. That can be torture I know, but come on.

I’d give it a C- at best.