22179632A wide range of short stories from SF to action to period pieces.

SF includes the title story, a couple of alternate universe tales, and an alien invasion, sort of, piece.

The title short is of a man who develops an app for clothing and it’s consequences. The explanation for the title comes from something I did not know. Mannequins are what the females are called. The male version are known as dummies.

The alternate universe tales find a man hunting Wooly Mammoths and taking on a Sabre-tooth tiger and a man being advised by other versions of himself.

Action pieces, one with Sam Dane, star of two of the author’s novels, and a bit of humor in a variation, Bill Crider will like this one, of the urban legend of alligators in the sewers of New York City. A little humor here: think alligators with guns.

A period piece from sailing skips and sword days: A vain character though well deserved of that thought.

Nice fast read. Worth a look. Available HERE.