JUSTICEI’ve always been a fan of this time period in our country’s history. The west was opening to settlers looking for a better life, the clashes with Indians over disruption of their lives, and the inevitable outlaws looking for the easy route to money: taking from the honest folk.

TRAIL JUSTICE is the first book in a new series by Wayne Dundee and Mel Odom. This one is by Dundee.

A wagon train headed for the Oregon territory. 233 people, 52 wagons, folks escaping the Missouri floods that wiped most of them out.

a nice assortment of characters set up by the author: Elwood Blake, a mountain man who only recently found he had family still alive, a baby sister, and is along to get to learn, get close, to her and her new husband. Wagon master Eugene Healy, former teacher, businessman Morgan Velmont who kept more thn most in the floods and figures that gives him certain rights, and guide Basil St. Irons, a flashy but competent sort. Blake and he have a past they must set aside.

Secrets among almost everyone that sets up future stories and looks to make an exciting series.

Recommended and available HERE.