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Brash Books is doing great things in bringing back out-of-print books, as well as new ones, for readers. Lord knows we try, but one can’t catch everything when it’s new. I’ve read the odd book Brash has already bought or scheduled, but most are new to me.

The Bragg thrillers are ones I was familiar with, but had only read the first in the series. The Missing and The Dead and Pieces of Death, due for release on September @nd, are the second and third in the series. the two were nominated in 1982 for a Shamus(Missing and Dead) and the Edgar(Pieces…Death). Not bad.

Peter Bragg is a private investigator out of San Francisco. Author Lynch used parts of himself in crafting the character, as in former newspaper man from Seattle, later moving to San Francisco. The books received a bad deal from the original publisher. Brash Books is taking care of that with the first seven titles, original titles and terrific cover art.

Welcome addition.