Morgan Kane has been a Texas Ranger since the series started. I knew that12264148 somewhere along the way he became a U.S. Marshal. This is the book where it happens.

Kane has always had a tough relationship with his commander, Major Monroe. Things come to a head when word reaches headquarters that a Ranger, Charlie Katz, had died while raping the fiance of a mining executive, Van Buren, in Ft. Worth. Van Buren had shot it out with Katz, who managed to kill an assistant, before Van Buren had killed him.

A stain on the Rangers.

Monroe had ordered Kane to let it go. Too much bad publicity already.

Kane wouldn’t go for that. Katz had been a rough sort, granted, but he wasn’t capable of rape and murder. Kane and he had grown up together.

He did the only thing he could. He quit the Rangers and went off to clear his friend’s name.

Lots of action, fights where Kane takes a terrible beating, which reinforced the notion that there was something to hide.

Fun read.