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22743444Once again, Brash Books has given new life to a book, two actually, with which I was entirely unfamiliar. Thank goodness.

Alexander L’Hiboux is a most unusual man. He lives off the grid. No home. No car. Not even a driver’s license. He’s for hire if you can afford him. He goes after people the law can’t touch. Tough, uncompromising, once he gets on your tail, it can only end one way. Someone dies.

He’s known only as The Owl, a man with a deadly reputation, one he works hard to maintain.

The nickname comes from one thing: L’Hiboux suffers from insomnalence. He never sleeps. When he gets tired, he sits and rests. When he’s refreshed, he moves on.

Though he has an office, he never visits, speaking by phone to Danielle Santerre by phone, using a series of coded phrases to establish safety. He’s only seen Danny in person a few times in four years.

He’s hired by a man whose twenty year old daughter, a beauty destined for modeling, had had a blow torch taken to her face and hands. Father wanted them dead.

The Owl takes the job, even though someone is trying to kill him at the same time.

Apparently the Owl’s reputation needs a bit more toughening.

Can’t wait for the second Owl novel.

Goes on sale September 2nd.