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1: The 6th Extinction – James Rollins: The author’s latest Sigma Force thriller

2: Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King: latest from the horror master. Less than sterling reviews in places Thought I’d give it a try.

3: The Black-eyed blone – Benjamin Black: a Philip Marlowe novel.

4: The Family Jensen: Massacre Canyon – William W. Johmstone with J. A. Johnstone

5: Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter: Bloody Sunday: William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone

6: Forty Times A Killer! = William W. Johnstone with J. A. johnstone

7: Day of Independence – William W. Johnstone with J. A. Johnstone: just catching up on the family of johnstone’s ghost writers. recent health issues got me behind.

8: No Tears For Morgan Kane – Louis masterson: Morgan Kane gets involved helping a young woman, a member of a family that had saved his life years before, and her neighbors in their battle against a crooked rancher and his gunmen.

9; Bones Never lie(ARC) – Kathy Reichs: latest Temperance Brennan thriller.

10: The Phantom: Generations – Moonstone books: twenty novellas representing every man that had posed as The Ghost who walks. Each is accompanied by wonderful artwork from different artists.

11: The Three Emperors(ARC) – William Dietrich; historical thriller featuring Ethan Gage

12: The Bully of Order(ARC) – Brian Hart: thriller at the turn of the century in a logging camp in Washington state

13: The Secret history of Wonder Woman(ARC) – Jill Lapore: title says it all.

14: Broadchurch(ARC) – Erin Kelly; novel based on the British crime drama starring David Tennant.

and the ebooks:

15: The Fyredrakes Prey – james Reasoner: a fantasy by James. Nothing else needs saying.

16: How The Wes Was Written pt 1: Ron Scheer: Ron’s look at early western novels.

17: The Masked Rider Archives volume 1: a collection of the pulp hero novels.

18: Hunger For Atlantis (review copy) – Pandora; unsolicited gift from the author. Twice actually.

19: The Return(review copy) Carter Vance

20: The re-Awakening(review copy) – Carter Vance: both attached in a surprise email.

21: Rex Randall and The Jericho Secret(review copy) attached to a surprise email.

Not sure I’ll ever review the last four. Didn’t even get the courtesy of being asked for a review. And am suspicious of the last three. Both emails came together and, considering the author names, I believe them to be the same person.

22: Red shadows, Green Hell – David Hardy: the latest from Rough edges Press.