2D_RGB_ADVENTURES_REVERSEThe coming Saturday brings the season premiere of Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi’s first as our favorite Time Lord. AN ADVENTURE IN SPACE AND TIME was produced for the fiftieth anniversary of the show. It takes us all the way back to the beginning when the good Doctor was just a thought in the mind of Sidney Newman(Brian Cox). New to the BBC, he was looking to make his mark. He had a twenty-five minute slot that needed filling on Saturday evening. He wanted a science fiction piece and met immediate resistance.

Jessica Raine plays Verity Lambert, a novice producer put in charge of the show. As a woman, she had a lot to prove herself.

They wanted an older Doctor, but needed an actor that could play older, the54920262_700x700min_1 rigors of series television you know. Emphatically turned down by several actors, it was Lambert that convinced them they needed William Hartnell(David Bradley). They just had to convince him.

The movie covers the early years and the time after three years when Lambert wanted to kill the Doctor and a new concept was born. Patrick Troughton(Reece Shearsmith) became the second Doctor.

Below is the trailer for the film, below that the new series.