Brash Books just keeps digging up treasures from the out of print list. From22743427 1987, LOVER MAN was an Edgar finalist for best novel.

Artie Deemer is our erstwhile hero. His dog Jellyroll(Artie is a jazz fan) is famous from TV, movies, and dog food commercials is the breadwinner of the family.

Artie is relaxing one day, smoking a joint and listening to jazz, when two cops drop in to inform him that his ex-lover Billie Burke had been murdered, tied and drowned in her bath tub.

He identifies the body and when he returns home finds a message on his phone that he’d missed. From Billie, she meeded to see him right away.

Then the message saying she would be dead when got it. Get up and go look in the ice trays at her apartment.

417TbiA5itLWhat he finds are negatives(Billie was a photographer) of the business acroos the street from her studio and some personal stuff.

What did it all mean?

Artie suddenly finds himself a reluctant investigator looking for a killer, dodging cops, Feds, and blackmailers, which it looked like Billie was a part of.

All Artie cared about was finding her killer. Those pictures held the answer, though he couldn’t see how. He had to figure out what before he became one of the dead.

Another winner from Brash Books. LOVER MAN is par of their big release coming September 2nd.