Film_poster_for_the_1962_film_The_InspectorI’ve had this movie sitting in my DVR queue since I recorded it back in May off Turner Classic Films. Host Robert Osborne introduced it along with the guest programmer at the time, Mother Dolores(Hart). In the discussions before and after the film, we learn Dolores Hart was all of eighteen in her first role opposite Elvis Presley for LOVING YOU, 1957. She did another with Elvis as well as Montgomery Cliff, George Hamilton, Robert Wagner, and Stephen Boyd. At the height of her career, Hart gave it all up to enter a convent. She is now Prioress of the Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut.

LISA is based on a 1960 novel The Inspector by Jan de Hartog, the original title of the film. LISA was for the American release.

Stephen Boyd is Inspector Peter Jongman, a Dutch policeman, to Hart’s Lisa Held, a Dutch-Jew who survived Auschwitz concentration camp even as her parents went to the gas chambers. She had experiments performed on her in the Medical wing.

Jongman and his partner Sgt, Wolters)Donald Pleasance) are after a mandownload named Thorens (Marius Goring), an ex-Nazi has taken her. He’s a white slaver in 1946, tricking young Jewish women with promises to get them into Palestine, but sending them to South America instead for the whore houses. Lisa wants to get to the early building of Israel to work in mental hospitals helping other camp survivors.

Jongmaan follows them onto a boat headed to England where he contacts a friend in Scotland Yard, only to learn there’s nothing that can be done. There’s no proof Thorens is a former Nazi. That doesn’t stop the Inspector though. He visits Thoren, getting into a fight, then learns Lisa has slipped out a window.

the-inspector-poster-reverse-webThey meet later and he agrees to get her into Palestine. The borders have been sealed so she’ll have to be smuggled in. We also learn Scotland Yard wants them. Thorens has been murdered, stabbed, and both Jongman and Lisa believe the other did it.

Jongman deals with a colorful assortment of characters along the way. Leo Mckern is Brandt, a gruff smuggler that is more decent than he likes to let on. He sends them to Van der Pink(Van der Pink) in Tangiers, a fellow swatting at bats with a tennis racket. An American named Browne (Neil McCallum) is on their list, known to smuggle people into Palestine. He turns out to be an agentThe-Inspector-web and will only get her to Nuremberg for the trials. Dickens(Robert Stephens) is a British agent that wants them back in London. Scotland Yard has determined Thorns fell on his knife in the fight with Jongman(Lisa had been seen fleeing down the fire escape) and they want him for manslaughter.

Both Lisa and Jongman are tormented souls, she because of her experieces at the hands of Nazi doctors, he because of what happened to his fiancee Rachel at the hands of Nazis as their world was crumbling.

Pretty good film.

There doesn’t seem to be a trailer on Youtube, so the theme will have to do.

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