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81+VRALyJwL._SL1500_Any time I set down to read one of James Mullaney’s books, I know I’m going to have a kick-ass time. The man knows humor and how to put it into a narrative while keeping things moving. You just know Mullaney is enjoying the writing as much as you are loving reading it.

Crag Banyon is your typical P.I. Sort of. He deals with all sorts of odd creatures and cases, has an office assistant, an elf named Mannix, and a secretary, Doris Starburton every bit as flighty as one could imagine. He likes to drink. A quote from the book:

“The clear, vodka-looking liquid had the hideous indecency to be water, and I quickly spit it out before my taste buds got the legal department at Seagram’s to sue me for alienation of affection.”

His client this time around is the ex-wife. Another quote from the book:

“Ex-Mrs. Banyon was not technically the bride from Hell. She did, however, enjoy a timeshare condo there two weeks a year on a stretch of burning beachfront on a lovely lava lake.”

She’s there with her fiance, a leprechaun named Finnegan O’Fart whose pot of gold had been stolen. without which they can’t be married. Which would release Banyon from fifteen years of alimony servitude.

Taking the case loosed the hounds of bad luck on our hero, everything from black cats to ladders swinging over his head to falling safes and runaway dumpsters. Things only get worse when Banyon rides a rainbow into Leprechaun Land and finds out about Big Green and the real story.

onderful story full of laughs and action.

Highly recommended. Can be ordered here.