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91SC6nLGswL._SL1500_Homeowner With a Gun - Samuel Hawley
1: Wake Up And Die – Jack Lynch: A blackmail case leads private eye Peter Bragg across the Golden Gate to Sausalito, a waterfront playground for the rich and where real estate developers are fighting a brutal war to claim every precious inch of bay view land, soaking the dirt with the blood. Bragg is the only one who can stand up against the campaign of torture, arson, and murder…and reveal who is behind all of the bloodshed…if they don’t kill him first.

2: Speak For The Dead – Jack Lynch: An escape attempt at San Quentin goes to hell, a guard is beaten into a coma, and the hard-core convicts retreat to a corner of the prison with their hostages, including two civilian women. It’s a deadly stand-off…a bloody powder-keg ready to explode into a full-scale massacre. The cornered, desperate prisoners have one demand: they want private eye Peter Bragg to clear the ringleader’s teenage brother of a murder charge in a small, northern California town. It’s a high-stakes case with a brutal ticking clock, and it pits Bragg against cops, neo-Nazis and powerful enemies who would like to see him, the convicts, and the hostages all go down in a hail of flames and gunfire that would keep their secrets from ever being revealed.

3: The Owl: Scarlet Serenade – Bob Forward: first American edition. It’s the mean-streets of L.A. in the mid-1980s. When The Owl rescues a young punk-rock starlet from being kidnapped, he considered it just a minor good deed with a few dead bodies left scattered around. But he soon discovers that she’s the target of a gangland conspiracy that has half of the city’s underworld after her. Now the only thing between her and certain death is The Owl.

4: Sleeping Dog: A Leo and Serendipity Mystery – Dick Lochte: This beloved, comedy-noir thriller teams up Leo Bloodworth, a hard-drinking, middle-aged Los Angeles PI with hypertension and a low tolerance for precious teenagers, with Serendipity Dahlquist, a bright and strong-willed roller-blading 14-year-old searching for her lost dog. But things quickly escalate, plunging the oddest of odd couples into the dark underworld of sunny Southern California and pitting them against one of the biggest, and most brutal, organized crime families in Mexico.

5: A Long Reach: A Streeter Thriller – Michael Stone: The Denver Streets Belong to Streeter. Bounty hunter Streeter is a string of ex’s… ex-linebacker, ex-accountant, ex-bouncer, and a four-time ex-husband … who excels at exacting justice… with explosive results.

6: Token of Remorse: A Streeter Thriller – Michael Stone: The Waterbed King of Denver hires Streeter to track down his missing nephew, Richie Moats, who has robbed the owner of a string of massage parlors of his weekly take and has gone on the run. The chase takes Streeter to Mexico, where he has to find Richie before the furious tycoon’s bone-breakers do. But that’s only the beginning…as Streeter becomes entangled with Richie, and his stripper girlfriend, in a drug smuggling scam that stretches from the back alleys of Mexico to the streets of the mile-high city.

7: Piano Man – Bill Crider: The piano man has one rule: Don’t get involved. Just play the songs. But can live by that rule when he witnesses a horrific crime? And what price will he pay if he breaks it?

8: Russian Dope – Steen Langstrup: set in nineties Copenhagen, it’s the story of what happens when two addicts rip off the Russian mob of two keys of heroin.

9: Homeowner With A Gun – Samuel Hawley: It’s the middle of the night. You’re awakened by a noise. Someone is in your house. What do you do?

When it happens at 148 Maple Drive, homeowner Jeff Shaw gets his gun and goes downstairs to investigate while his wife calls 9-1-1. It’s their home, after all. Jeff has to protect it. He finds two men in the kitchen and shoots them both. Dead.