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3913640Author John Blumenthal continues his send-up of the private eye novel in THE TINSELTOWN MURDERS, the secobd volume in the Mac Slade, Private Dick series. In reading this novel, I’m put in mind of the Police Squad movies and TV series. It’s that odd and funny. At the beginning, Slade is being followed by a pair of Neanderthals that work for a bookie he owes two grand. When they burst into Mac’s office and when one tells the other to punch his lights out, the fellow starts smashing lamps.

Blumenthal manages to push every P.I. trope to the Nth degree, like the smart aleck eye trebled, the not quite smart eye that keeps stumbling along until the pieces fall together.

Slade heads to Hollywood when the wife of his old army sergeant, a P.I. in Hollywood, calls and says he’s in trouble.

Mac finds his friend dead and stashed in a refrigerator, only the first in a series of bodies. Along the way, he questions a gay hairdresser, a psychic, a beautiful movie star, a half crooked agent, a German Nazi-like housekeeper, and a Chinese houseboy, all suspects. Filtering in and out of it is a hulh named Moose Lebowitz looking for a stripper, Peaches Moskowitz. Slade is aided bt a poiice lieutenant, early thirties going on sixteen, Lou Tennant..

How does it all tie together? All part of the fun.