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917XIqBAoJL._SL1500_Cash Laramie had finally tracked the Everett Driscoll gang down and was about to tak them in a driving thunderstorm when the mud bank above the cave entrance collapsed on top of him.

It’s not long before a series of bank robberies start up, ushered by a man claiming to be Cash Laramie, complete with the arrowhead talisman around his neck and a big white horse.

Can Cash have really turned bad?

At the same time a traveling medicine show picks up a man nearly dead who can’t remember anything about himself. As he’s nursed back to health, he quickly becomes Smitty.

On the trail of the Driscolls is Gideon Miles, one of the few who don’t believe the tale of the “outlaw marshal” really gone bad, determined to prove it.

Well done tale of Edward Grainger’s Marshal Laramie written by Wayne D. Dundee, himself a fine writer of his own tales. The combination is a strong one.

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