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Impact_1949_posterMillionaire industrialist Walter Williams( Brian Donlevy) is a man who started at the bottom, literally the bottom, and worked his way up to company president. He’s about to close a deal to buy three factories in Denver and increase the company fortunes. He wants drive up with his beautiful young wife, Irene(Helen Walker), who begs off claiming a toothache. She finally agrees to meet him to save the fighting of traffic. When she’s not there, he calls and learns the tooth has gotten worse. She asks a favor. A cousin she hasn’t seen in years had popped up and wanted a ride as far as Denver.

It’s all a ruse. Jim Torrance(Tony Barrett) is really her young lover and they’reIMPACT plotting to kill Williams. While driving as Williams naps, a flat tire is arranged on a lonely stretch late at night. He slugs Williams with a lug wrench and shoves him down a hill with coat, hat, and brief case when a moving van stops for assistance. In a panic, Torrance jumps into the roadster and rushes awy only to head-on with a gas truck.

While the van driver, Character actor Tom Greenway in his first role, tries to render assistance, a wounded and dazed Williams crawl into the back and is carried away from the scene. The van and Williams part ways when he gets out in Larkspur, Idaho. He forgets his brief case which drives all that follows.

It’s found and a fingerprint belonging to Torrance is on it. The murder business unravels and the wife is arrested for murder. A search is on for Torrance.

Poster - Impact_05Williams has hired on as a mechanic at a garage owned by the widow Marsha Peters(Ella Raines). He’s always loved that and falls into a contented state even while following the murder of himself in the papers, even to keeping clippings. He’s fallen for Marsha. boarding in her home with Marsha and her mother. Marsha knows he’s been terribly hurt by something in his past, but bides her time. Mother finds the clippings and tells him he should tell Marsha, knowing how they feel about each other. Williams does and plans to move on. But Marsha convinces him to do the right thing.

Bad Move.

Several months had gone by and the wife is a convincing liar, persuading themaxresdefault D.A. that Williams murdered her lover. Williams doesn’t help matters by ‘bending’ the truth a bit, claiming Torrance was a hitch-hiker and he’d been suufering from amnesia for those three months. He goes on trial for murder.

It takes Marsha teaming with an old cop, Lt. Tom quincy(Charles Coburn), who believes Williams to find the truth. That involves finding a Chinese maid, Su Lin(Anna May Wong).

Decent little film.