1: SF: Star Trek Seekers 1: Second Nature – david Mack

2: SF: Star trek: Seekers: 2: Point of divergence – Dayton ward & Kevin Dilmore: I like the retro covers of this new series which harkens back to the James Blish covers of his short story novelizations of TOS.

3: SF: Star Trek: No Time Like The Past – Greg Cox: a time mix-up inserts Seven of Nine into Kirk’s past during serious negotiations with two alien races. He has to help her get home while other forces want her. And Knowing Kirk’s reputation, he’s likely to put some moves on her himself.

4: Doctor Who: Engines of War – George Mann: an episode during the Dalek/Time Lord war with the War Doctor.

and the ebooks:

5: WE: The Empty Badge – Wayne D. Dundee: A Cash Laramie adventure with first publication on it’s own

6: WE: The Rattler Gane – W. E. Fieldhouse: the third Klaw novel brought us by Rough Edges Press