About all this movie had going for it was the presence of Guy Madison, TV’s Wild Bill Hickock. A mediocre script I’ll get into in a bit.images

Here’s the set-up:

Jim Latimore(Germano Longo) owns a ranch somewhere along the Texas/Mexican border. He’s a thorn in the Gonzales family’s side. Three cousins, Latimore’s ranch abuts The Gonzales spread. The peons in the area like Latimore best. He treats them well as they farm his land and he allows them to keep the bulk, if not all, of their crops. Gonzales(Gianni Solaro) doesn’t like that. But even worse, Latimore married a Gonzales cousin and they have a small boy.

3092They try to set him up to be killed by arranging a hanging of a friend. Orders are only to shoot when Latimore draws his gun. Legality must be observed. He’s just about to when the friend, sensing that, kicks the barrel from under him and stops it. Gonzales then hires a gang to raid the Latimore ranch. El Matanza(Antonio Molino Rojo) is the leader, an especially vicious man. All adults are slaughtered, the Gonzales cousin taken to him, and the baby to be raised as a real Gonzales. Rosario Latimore(Mónica Randallosar) is violated and turned out to survive on her own for daring to marry a gringo.

Then it’s three years later.

Five men come to revenge the death of Jim Latimore, restore Rosario to her230px-Cincode home, and reunite her with her son.

John(Guy Madison), Alan(Mariano Vidal Molina), Dan(Vassili Karis), Indios(Giovanni Cianfriglia), and Ramon(José Manuel Martin) were all friends of Jim Latimore. Now here’s how different translations can change a film. Madison’s character is listed on IMDb as Tex. On the Spaghetti Western Database, he’s Tex/Jim Latimore, which would imply a relation to the dead man, probably brother. But in the version I watched on Youtube, he’s never referred to as anything but John and describes he and the others only as friends, though the viciousness with which he cuts Gonzales to pieces with a pistol in the finale might imply otherwise.

Los cinco de la venganza (1966) 3Now the mediocre script I mentioned earlier. They are captured by El Matanza and staked out in the desert. Three men are left to watch the sun do it’s work. Indio had supposedly been shot off his horse earlier while providind a diversion(which didn’t work), but you just know he’s around somewhere. He waits until dark to rescue his four friends and Rosario, leaving the hot sun to work on them all day. Next we see them on foot in the desert. Where were the three dead outlaws’ horses? They certainly wouldn’t have been left on foot in the middle of a desert. More chance for the sun to beat them down.

Presumed dead, they take a horse from a Gonzales rider and send him to inform Gonzales they are coming for him. And when. Why? Surprise would be on their side.

I’d give it a C. Hey, I like spaghettis.