FMQ_TallFOLLOW ME QUIETLY is a short noir film about the hunt for a serial killer, though that term wasn’t in use back then. It is notable because Anthony Mann, perhaps best known for his westerns, mostly with Jimmy Stewart, co-directed in an uncredited role though he did receive screen credit for the story for the screenplay.

The killer calls himself The Judge and claims it is his mission to rid the world of worthless sinners. He strangles his victims, always at night, always while it is raining. He leaves a note with each body proclaiming his mission with whatever’s handy: a woman’s lipstick, in one instance words cut from newspapers and magazines. In six months, he’s killed seven people, men and women, though the seventh, a newspaper editor, fights him, falling out of a window. It’s that fall that actually kills him, though he lives long enough to give a slim description.

Lt. Harry Grant(William Lundigan) is the policeman in charge of the investigation. Sgt. Art Collins(Jeff Corey) is his partner. Using the few clues they have, footprints where they can estimate height and weight, clothing fibers that give them a type of suit, he has a life size dummy built to aid in the hunt, distributing photos of it to all police.

Dorothy Patrick(Ann Gorman) is a persistent reporter of a cheap magazine whodownload wants the story. Lt. Grant and she are like oil and water at first. He wants nothing to do with her and gets her camera film confiscated more than once. They finally strike a deal where the five hundred dollars she’s offering for his story goes to a police fund.

The final showdown is in the catacombs of a refinery with a desperate battle between Grant and The Judge(Douglas Spencer) ends the menace.