This comment came in response to Two Westerns By Benteen

John Benteen AKA Ben Haas was my father. As I remember it, Dad wanted to write more of the Cutler series. The two Cutler books Dad wrote are good, however, they did not sell as well as the Fargo and Sundance series which had already been established.

They were also a harder sell to European markets. (In those days, tiny Norway with 3.5 million residents bought as many Fargos as were sold in the USA, an effect of only one state run TV channel and long winter nights)

Dad had run a trap line along Sugar Creek near Charlotte, NC in the early 40’s to earn extra money while attending Central High School. Trapping practice along with skinning and preparing hides as well as selling them were all familiar to Dad.

During the Davie Crocket/Fess Parker craze, he made a real raccoon skin cap for me. I watched the whole process of skinning and preparing and curing and then watched my mother draw up a pattern, cut it out and sew it together.